Coronavirus: How Clean Is Your House? (C4, 8pm)

WE know about washing our hands and not going outside, but should some of us also be changing our behaviour at home during the virus outbreak, especially when it comes to keeping our houses clean? In this one-off special, two families have their houses forensically swept to find out what they might be unwittingly spreading around their homes. Should we also be using this time indoors to do some serious deep cleaning? The programme explores how the coronavirus works and which household products may be the best for stopping it in its tracks.

Noughts + Crosses (BBC1, 9pm)

SEPHY decides she does not want to accept her place at university and leaves home with Jasmine – but she is harbouring a huge secret. Callum and Jude, both working with the Liberation Militia, stage an attack on the offices of the Ohene Standard newspaper, leaving the editor brutally beaten. Jude suggests they take advantage of the fact that Callum has access to the prime minister’s daughter. Stormzy guest stars. Last in the series.

The Mum Who Got Tourette’s (C4, 9pm)

SHORTLY after her 40th birthday, mother-of-three Elizabeth developed Tourette’s syndrome – a neurological condition that causes involuntary tics, some of them offensive. This one-off documentary follows her and her family over a busy summer, including a holiday in Cornwall, GCSE results and meeting her son’s new girlfriend – experiences amplified by the unexpected impact of Elizabeth’s condition.

Coronavirus: A Horizon Special (BBC2, 9pm)

In a short span of time, entire nations have gone into lockdown and thousands have died, while the media has bombarded us with data and information, not all of it accurate. This special Horizon documentary sorts through the stories and concentrates on the facts, figures and science. It asks what Covid-19 is, why it’s so dangerous and how it affects the body. The programme also compares it to previous pandemics, asks how data-modelling can help during the worst public health crisis in living memory and explores the latest research.