SCOTTISH LibDem leader Willie Rennie’s latest call for federalism in the UK has been roundly rejected on Twitter.

Rennie is one of several prominent Scottish politicians – another being former prime minister Gordon Brown – who regularly calls for the United Kingdom to become a federalist state.

Quote-tweeting a Daily Record article which says new Labour leader Keir Starmer is planning a “devolution revolution”, Rennie wrote: “This is a welcome move towards federalism. Hopefully this is a fresh change from @Keir_Starmer.”

Writing for the publication Starmer said that even as an opposition party, Labour would set up a constitutional convention with the aim of working out a federal system of government.

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Rennie was severely ratioed for his tweet – a term used to describe when someone receives more replies, usually taking issue with the contents of the post, than likes or retweets.

At the time of writing Rennie's tweet had received 36 likes and 149 comments.

Colin Dunn shared a graphic which listed a number of questions which many proponents of the system of government have failed to address.

These include which specific form of federalism they are arguing for and what the power dynamics between the nations would be.

Another Twitter user added: “The people of Scotland stopped believing federalism fairy tales long ago.”

While another still asked if it "was that time of the week" again and shared a gif of someone flogging a dead horse.

It wasn't just independence supporters who rounded on the Scottish LibDem leader. 

Some Unionists also fired back. One said he had voted against independence and federalism.

"Some Scots don't want constitutional upheaval," he added.

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