NEWLY appointed shadow Scottish secretary Ian Murray has said Labour’s position is to reject independence for Scotland and a second independence referendum, and instead push for a federalist approach.

Speaking to the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland, Murray, who was appointed to the shadow cabinet by new Labour leader Keir Starmer yesterday, said the shake-up is an opportunity for a “fresh start” for Labour in Scotland.

Murray, Scotland’s last remaining Labour MP, had many disagreements with former leader Jeremy Corbyn – who had said the party would not stand in the way of indyref2 after the first few years of a Labour government.

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However this morning, Murray indicated that would not be the policy going forward.

He said Scottish Labour's Richard Leonard and Starmer have been "pretty clear" that a "Labour option" is needed when it comes to constitutional arrangements.

He added a Labour "way forward" would be to look at a constitutional convention across the whole of the UK and resolve issues across Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and across the regions of England.

He said: "The position of the Labour Party in Scotland has never been clearer, it's never been changed, it's no to independence, no to a second independence referendum with a policy of looking at a constitutional convention that may deliver something close to federalism across the whole of the UK."

Speaking to the programme this morning, Murray said of the new leadership: "I think it's an opportunity.

"It's an opportunity to have a fresh start, to wipe the slate clean, to look at the last five years as not being particularly positive in electoral terms."

Murray added: "In terms of Richard Leonard being leader of the Scottish Labour Party, in terms of Jackie Baillie being the new deputy, in terms of a new shadow secretary of state for Scotland, a new leader at UK level and a UK shadow cabinet.

"That is now what we are proposing to the public and we want to be a much more positive, forward-thinking party, that listens to the public, responds to what they told us on December 12 (General Election) and goes forward as a united party with a policy platform that everyone can attach themselves to.

"That is the fight over the next few years in the run-up to the elections in 2024 at UK level and next year's 2021 Scottish elections - that's what we're all fighting for and we'll do it together."

He rejected the idea of a new Scottish Labour leader.

The shadow Scottish secretary also offered good wishes to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is in intensive care due to Covid-19, and added that his party would be willing to help the UK Government through the crisis.

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