MONDAY is the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath and, at 1.20pm, the Scottish Independence Movement (SIM) will be joining up with Scots all over the world to celebrate.

SIM say they want to both celebrate the declaration of Scotland’s independence and to reignite the passion that Scotland is renowned for in its present-day fight to be independent again.

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Manny Singh, director of operations for SIM, said: “This is so relevant and important to our lives right now while we are made to succumb to the decisions regarding our economy, our defence and our health, including Covid-19, being made in Westminster, which have not been in the best interests of Scotland.

“Momentum has been growing for the Scottish Independence Movement organically as we see awareness growing that Scottish people are continuously being put at risk from incompetent decision makers from within the UK Government “At 1.20pm on Monday, people will be linking up to our Facebook page (Scottish Independence Movement) @sim.scottish to join in unison to celebrate our history and to build our campaign to even greater heights.”

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He went on: “National columnist Paul Kavanagh, aka Wee Ginger Dug, will be reciting the Declaration and giving us some insight into its meaning for Scotland. Members of the public can ask questions and share this united celebration in the only safe way we can right now amidst this virus crisis.”

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