JACKIE Baillie is in the limelight having been named Scottish Labour’s deputy leader.

To earn such a role in the party which has pulled off a staggering political collapse in Scotland over the past decade is no mean feat.

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And Baillie has proved her worth, at least in The Jouker’s eyes, many times over.

Here are some of her top gaffes.


The MSP made a memorable star turn for Scottish Labour in September 2017 amid one of their recent civil wars, held on a bi-annual basis.

Baillie, then backing Anas Sarwar for the leadership, issued a furious statement demanding Richard Leonard explain if had played any role in an alleged plot to oust Kezia Dugdale.

In response to a request for comment from the Telegraph, Leonard’s press officer Stephen Low sent an email with the subject “coment [sic] on latest jackie baillie pish”.


In February 2018, Baillie urged the Scottish Government to review the outsourcing of public contracts after she claimed a giant outsourcing firm was “on the ropes”, leaving taxpayers facing “hundreds of million of pounds in liabilities”.

The National:

But a spokesman for the company said there was no immediate risk, adding: “This is an embarrassing blunder from Labour, who have got their numbers wrong and should withdraw their claims.”

The sentiments were backed up by a spokesman for the Scottish economy secretary.


In the same month, Baillie distinguished herself once again after appealing to Donald Trump for more information on Prestwick Airport's alleged use in US military activities.

Baillie tweeted the US president asking for clarification over allegations published in the Guardian that Prestwick Airport, a publicly-owned airport, was being used for live missions by the US Air Force as well as building connections with Donald Trump and his nearby golf course.

However, the Labour MSP quickly came under fire for what many users perceived as hypocrisy due to the fact that Trident, the nuclear weapons system that the UK rents from the US, is based in her own constituency. Oh dear.


And finally, in June last year, Baillie was criticised for posting a photo of a game in which players are encouraged to break plates and cups photos of Scotland's current and former first minister stuck to them.

The MSP faced a huge backlash after she tweeted about the Helensburgh & Lomond Highland Games stall which had photos of Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond as well as of Donald Trump and talent show judge Simon Cowell.

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