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THE coronavirus crisis has helped the country pull together for the common good.

Yet amid the heartwarming acts of kindness, some Unionists have managed to find a stick with which to beat the SNP.

Amazingly, they’ve taken issue with the decision to name an emergency field hospital being built in Glasgow to tackle the coronavirus after a heroic First World War nurse.

The facility, announced earlier this week, will be ready to open at the Scottish Events Campus (SEC) in Glasgow in the next two weeks.

Health Secretary Jeane Freeman said it will be named after Louisa Jordan, who joined the Scottish Women's Hospital in 1914 and served in Serbia. She died there at the age of 36 after contracting typhus.

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It comes after the temporary hospital at the Excel Centre in London was named the NHS Nightingale Hospital, after famed nurse Florence Nightingale.

The decision not to give the Glasgow hospital the same name would make logical sense to many – especially since it commemorates a wartime hero whose story remains unknown to many Scots. Yet some Unionists are claiming the move will only create division.

Reacting to the Health Secretary’s announcement, former Labour MP Douglas Alexander tweeted: "Let's focus on making a difference and not proving we're different.

"As a son, grandson and great grandson of Scottish doctors, I think 'Nightingale Hospital Glasgow' would surely have better reflected the truth that we're all in this together."

Hitting out at the former Labour MP's "small mindedness", Glasgow South SNP MP Stewart McDonald replied: "In Kraguievac, Servia, there is a ceremony to remember the Scottish Women's hospital each year.

"I think that's worthy of emulating back home in some way, even if Douglas doesn't.

"We should never allow his brand of small mindedness make us write off their heroism."

MSP Tom Arthur added: “We certainly are all in this together. There have been almost one million cases & sadly neary [sic] fifty thousand deaths from #COVIDー19 globally. Naming a hospital in Glasgow after a Glasgow born nurse who gave her life fighting a previous epidemic in another country recognises that.”

Labour MP Paul Sweeney urged Scots to focus on bigger issues.

He tweeted: "Of all the things to get wound up about. I'm worried about my friends going to work in Glasgow hospitals today still without WHO standard protective equipment, testing that is massively lagging other countries, and dangerous lack of ventilators with no clarity about their supply."

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The debate sparked a row on Twitter, with #NightingaleGlasgow trending in the Glasgow area.

One Twitter user, Kerry Burrows, wrote: "As a Scot living in London, I'm really disappointed to see the SNP use this crisis as another opportunity to promote separatism at the most inappropriate time.

"The majority of Scots will refer to the hospital as #NightingaleGlasgow despite their efforts.

"How embarrassing for Scotland".

Jamie Blankett added: "A slap in the face for the British Army who have worked so hard to get #NightingaleGlasgow ready."

Urging on people to focus on the crisis at hand, Twitter user @powkatty wrote: "Really. I mean really?

"We're are in the middle of a crisis and people are picking on the name of an emergency facility.

"It doesn't matter what it's called. It matters what it does. It's not called #NightingaleGlasgow".

And Andrew McCourt said: "Some right roasters bashing the name of the temporary NHS hospital at the SEC, who instead of just accepting it's honouring a woman that our education system didn't shine a light on, use it to make a political point."

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