A SCOTTISH brewery has pledged to cut off its supply to Wetherspoons over the pub chain’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

After being forced to close hundreds of pubs to help combat the spread of Covid-19, Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin told 40,000 staff members that he would be relying on a government grant to pay them.

However, the grant will not be available for several weeks and Martin, who is reportedly worth more than £400 million, will not be covering staff until then.

Glasgow’s WEST Brewery has now said it would rather “sweep the streets” than do business with Martin.

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In a video sent to staff last week, Martin encourages workers to apply for jobs at Tesco.

It came shortly after the Brexit-backing boss claimed the global pandemic was nothing more than a "health scare" and that the closing pubs would be an "over the top" reaction.

Asked on Twitter if it would still supply the pub chain, WEST replied: “Don’t worry. We made that decision last week.

“We’d rather sweep the streets than do business with people like him.”

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