AS suggested in The National’s Yes DIY page on Saturday, the court action against the UK Government by the independence group Forward As One Scotland (FOAS) has been delayed as the result of coronavirus.

The Scottish Government, which is a party to the case in the Court of Session, has asked FOAS to delay the action, known as “sisting” in Scots law.

FOAS carried out a survey of three possible options on the case, which seeks to force Westminster to accede to a second independence referendum, among its backers – and convener Martin Keatings has announced the result.

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He said: “Further to the vote on the three options put before you all on the progress of the court action, over 75% of you voted for option three, to seek an agreement with the Scottish Government and the UK Government on sisting the action, then filing the summons with the court and initiating that agreement to hit the pause button. I have therefore given instructions to legal counsel to proceed on that basis.

“However, I have made it abundantly clear to counsel to communicate to the Advocate General of the UK that we will be watching the UK Government closely and, any what I would term ‘funny business’, which could be construed as the Covid-19 outbreak being used for partisan political advantage, we will have absolutely no hesitation in proceeding.

“We will be making it clear that the UK Government will not be dictating what does or does not happen.”

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