NO that’s not an April Fool headline, as a spectacular sight is set for Saturday featuring Robert the Bruce himself reading the letter which was sent to the Pope about him that is better known as the Declaration of Arbroath.

The organisers of the Round Table 1320 virtual celebration of the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath have pulled off a major coup in attracting Hollywood star Angus MacFadyen to read the declaration as translated from the Latin.

MacFadyen has twice played King Robert I on the big screen, the first time in Braveheart and the second time in his own version of the king’s story, Robert the Bruce.

Announcing the actor’s participation, the organising committee were just a tad excited on Facebook: “Every picture tells a story!!! And to every last member of the Yes family wow do we have a story for you!!! Angus MacFadyen who played Bruce in Braveheart and last year in his own film Robert the Bruce WILL READ THE DECLARATION OF ARBROATH NEXT SATURDAY at the Digital Rally.”

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One of the orgnanisers, the well-known indy activist Dave Llewellyn, said that his colleague Mike Fenwick had said to him last week that wouldn’t it be a great idea if we could get someone well known to read the Declaration of Arbroath the way it is done at Tartan Day.

Llewllyn added: “So we thought who should we try to get ? Well he is mentioned in the declaration so we thought aim for the moon and get the person living who is most tied to Bruce.”

To take part on Saturday just follow these instructions provided by the organising team.

“Following our two dry-runs for the Arbroath700 Digital Rally, we have streamlined the processes at our end to deliver you a great production on the day and updated the event description for you all – it’s now over to YOU to #MakeItYours

To contribute a live stream for the digital rally:

1. If you don’t use Twitch yet, download and install the App on your device;

2. Create your account and message the Round Table 1320 with your username;

3. Please also provide the team with the following: your region in Scotland, for allocation to a hub, a description of what you plan to stream, a rough start and end time, and any credits for groups/persons involved (optional).

To contribute a pre-recorded clip for the digital rally: 1. Prepare your clip and upload to WeTransfer; 2. Message Round Table 1320 with the WeTransfer link; 3. Please also provide the team with the following: a description for the artwork overlay and any credits for groups/persons involved (optional).

Check out Round Table 1320 on Facebook for more details.

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