The National:

THE UK Cabinet held their first ever virtual meeting today amid the UK’s strict coronavirus lockdown – and it revealed some truly fascinating bits of information about its attendees.

The Prime Minister helpfully posted a screenshot of his Zoom meeting – god, everyone really is on this app now – and gave us fresh insight into the lives of our Westminster overlords.

First off, Boris Johnson handily forgot to edit out the Zoom meeting ID when he tweeted the image – meaning anyone would be able to join in next week if they wanted to.

And upon closer inspection there were some very strange goings-on in the ministers’ respective homes …

The most unusual of all was likely International Trade Secretary Liz Truss’s, err, interior decoration preferences, shall we say. Right behind her head was a flagpole with a Union flag flying from it.


Meanwhile, the room Matt Hancock was in was so claustrophobic looking that social media users compared it to the infamous Trainspotting scene in which Renton attempts to get clean in his old childhood bedroom.

As for the others, things were largely as you would expect – Jacob Rees-Mogg had a load of tatty but presumably exceptionally expensive books on a Victorian shelf, and there were some very bland and blank walls. Except for Alister Jack, who seemed to have gone a bit mental with the red paint when he moved into his house.

The Scottish Secretary needs to get on Pinterest, honestly. We’re not doing matchy-matchy interiors anymore, Mr Jack!

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