One Night In The Museum, (BBC Scotland, 8pm)

ONE Night in the Museum follows primary school children from around Scotland on a journey of discovery as they visit some of Britain’s greatest museums after hours. No teachers, no parents, just millions of years of history for them to delve into. With no adults to help or hinder them, it’s up to the kids to navigate a labyrinth of learning on their own. Watching the night visitors in this four-part documentary series are the museum’s curators, whose job it is to bring the past to life. They’ll see the children’s imaginations spark as they encounter strange and beautiful objects from the past, offering a light-hearted commentary along the way.

The Repair Shop (BBC1, 8pm)

JAY Blades and the team bring four treasured family heirlooms back to life. Alan Reed from Warwick hopes upholstery expert Hannah Weston Smith can restore his little piece of history, a leather armchair that belonged to his grandparents, while Steve Kember and Will Kirk take a look at a Polyphon music box. Elsewhere, a faded portrait with a touching history and a shattered stained glass door panel are also restored back to their former glory.

Kate & Koji (STV, 8pm)

THE sitcom about an unlikely friendship continues and sorry seems to be the hardest word for Kate this week as she is threatened with legal action following an accident in the cafe. Koji is trying his best not to get involved, but will he be dragged into it anyway, or is Kate going to have to pay up?

Growing Up Gifted (BBC2, 9pm)

THE conclusion of the documentary follows three gifted teenage girls, Anne Marie, Jada and Shakira, as they make decisions about their futures. Anne Marie is more settled after moving in with her best friend, but isolation from her family and nerves about her exams are troubling her. Meanwhile, Jada prepares for A Levels and Shakira has to make up lost ground if she is to achieve high grades.

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