THE chief executive of Loganair has confirmed the airline will seek the UK Government's help after the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the aviation industry.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Jonathan Hinkles said: "I think what was made clear by the Chancellor in the letter last week was to say we're not going to do something which is an industry-wide bailout programme, airlines have got to try and recourse to their shareholders, to their lenders first.

"We respect that, that's a fair position for them to take. But if you can't bridge the gap after that, only then can you come and talk to us. That was very much the message.

"But I do think like the vast majority of UK airlines we will be going back to take up that invite for further conversation with Treasury in the coming days because we have to."

While Loganair has "been doing a lot of work both with our shareholders and all of our suppliers to try and minimise cost", Hinkles warned it was "about actually getting rid of payments" than deferring costs.

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