YOU have to hand it to the Yes movement. Just when it seemed that the celebrations to mark the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath were going to be a damp squib, The National can reveal that well-known activist and event organiser Dave Llewellyn is publicising an event next Saturday, April 4, – a virtual celebration which could be one of the biggest digital events in Scottish history.

He told The National: “After the collapse of the AUOB march and rally and the subsequent lockdown with the coronavirus, people from across the wider Yes movement have brought together the largest digital event in Scottish history.

“It’s being held on an independent server to stay free from any Facebook wobbles, but will allow thousands of people across the movement to interact with each other simultaneously as you would in a real rally. People can share their photographs of their marching gear and their flags, play their music in the background on their video clips, and chat to one another as they would do at a normal rally.

“It’s being hosted by a coalition of Yessers who have formed The Round Table 1320 to host the event, along with Independence Live who have had to move all their equipment from their studio to Kevin Gibney’s home to get this to work.

“Following the rally will be the afterparty, where virtual stages will be set up and where indy musicians will be playing on different channels as they do in different tents at Glastonbury.

“Musicians already signed up are like the who’s who of the indy movement, with the Graham Brown Band, Graham Dallas, Pete Scally, Amanda Brown, The Ronains, and Dingwall brother and sister piper and drummer Daniel and Pixie Murray.

“Some of the Yes bikers are going to send us some digital thunder from their driveways. Scotland is going to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath and the damned virus can take the high road.”

Watch out for more details about how to participate in this virtual celebration in The National during the week.