THERE are no upsides to the Covid-19 virus, but I have to say that, as one of those of a certain age told to self-isolate, I have had to adjust to how I get my daily newspaper.

My little trip each morning to the Co-op to get my National newspaper has been a habit since the first time The National was published. So this week I took the opportunity and with a degree of trepidation I navigated the joys of the internet and accessed and subscribed to the e-edition of my newspaper.

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I have to tell you now that after two days of using the e-edition, I am absolutely delighted with it. Easy to access, easy to navigate and easy to read and adjust. You can even print from it. I do not know why I have not done this earlier.

When this virus is overcome and we are back to normal I intend to stay with it. When you work it out it is tremendous value for money.

Can I suggest all in my position – and even those who are not – give it a try!

Dan Wood

A huge thank you to all of our loyal readers who have taken out digital subscriptions amid the coronavirus pandemic. It is much appreciated by everyone at The National during this very difficult period. We look forward to the time when everyone is able to buy the print edition again, and are delighted to hear you are finding the digital edition such a good substitute in the meantime. Click here to view our subscription options.