A POLITICS show on ITV has been criticised after it aired a map of critical care capacity which omitted Scotland.

Northern Ireland was also absent from the graphic which only included England and Wales when broadcast on ITV’s Peston.

Usual host Robert Peston was absent and in quarantine and replaced by Anushka Asthana.

During the show, Asthana handed over to her colleague Paul Brand whose piece included the graphic.

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Growth Commission report author and National columnist Andrew Wilson shared a picture of the image while it was being broadcast.

The accompanying tweet read: “Come on @Peston make an effort you are broadcasting to the whole UK … @STVNews.”

An ITV spokesperson said: “This element of last night’s show focused on an Oxford University report based on Office of National Statistics figures which only covered England and Wales. 

“Our intention was absolutely to include information on Scotland, however comparable analysis was not available.”