Nicola Sturgeon has reminded people not to use the Highlands and Islands as a retreat from coronavirus after the Prince of Wales was tested positive for Covid-19 in his Scottish royal retreat. 

It followed her daily press briefing on the latest coronavirus developments, where she announced that the number of the Scottish deaths has reached 22.

On Prince Charles, she was asked: "It’s also the case that he was tested positive at his holiday home in Scotland, what’s your opinion on that?”

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Sturgeon replied: "I'm not going to comment specifically on that, I will repeat what I said to the general public on Sunday that we want people to behave responsibly.

"So we don’t want people to see the Highlands and Islands of our country as places where they can try to outrun the virus, that is not possible to do. 

"Obviously there are people who have homes in Scotland and you know, people will choose to go to their homes but generally speaking, all of us should be responsible. 

"A lot of areas are under pressure at the best of times with health services. Health services are further away from people so we don't want people putting further pressure on health services and other essential services in these areas."