WOMEN, young adults and parents are finding it hardest to cope with the coronavirus pandemic, a poll suggests.

Ipsos MORI conducted online research to establish how the Covid-19 crisis is affecting the public across the UK.

The findings show more than 60% are finding it "harder to stay positive about the future", compared to the period before the outbreak.

But that percentage spikes when the data is broken down by sex, with more than 70% of women struggling to remain optimistic, compared with 50% of men.

When considered by age, almost 70% of those aged 18-34 were finding it hard not to feel negative about the future, which compares with around half of those aged 55-75.

Those with at least one child aged 17 or under in the household also have a bleaker view of the future, with 70% saying they are struggling.

That compares with 60% of those without children at home.

These findings are also reflected in attitudes towards day-to-day living.

Kelly Beaver, managing director of Ipsos MORI Public Affairs, commented: “In the last fortnight we have all been thrown into an unfamiliar and daunting world. Therefore, it isn’t entirely surprising that two thirds of Britons are reporting that it is harder to stay positive about the future and over half of us find it a struggle to stay positive day-to-day.”