LABOUR has called for the UK Government to ignore the devolution settlement and cut out the Scottish Government when tackling the coronavirus. 

Speaking at Scottish Questions, Chris Elmore, the Labour whip, said funding for tackling Covid 19 should instead go direct to local councils. 

The MP for Ogmore, who was standing in for the party’s Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland, made the point during Wednesday's Scottish Questions in the Commons

Elmore said: “The coronavirus has shown that local services have been decimated by the Scottish Government. They've passed on four times the austerity to local councils that they have received themselves. 

“Would you agree with me that any additional budget resourcing should be passed to Scottish local councils to help bolster already under pressure local services?”

It was left to Alister Jack, the Tory Secretary of State for Scotland, to remind the Labour frontbencher of how devolution works. 

Jack said: “Well, I do absolutely agree with him, but I must say, we've given an extra £2.7 billion in funding for Covid 19, over and above the budget measures announced this year.  First of all an extra £1.3 billion in the comprehensive spending review then another £640 million followed on from that. 

“And I think you're absolutely right. However, I have to stress that that is a matter for the Scottish Government under the devolution settlement.”