A WETHERSPOONS pub in south London has been vandalised overnight with a message telling pub bosses to "pay your staff".

Tim Martin, the founder of the pub chain, recently sent a video to staff members claiming that he would be relying on a government grant to pay their wages.

However the grant will not be available for well over a month and Martin, who is reportedly worth over £40 million, will not be covering staff until then.

A photo of The Postal Order pub, in the Crystal Palace area of London, was shared online this morning by Sunday Telegraph columnist Sophia Money-Coutts.

The pub front has been spray-painted with the phrases "pay your staff" and "pay up".

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Martin told workers that they should go work for for Tesco if they didn't want wait until the end of April to be paid.

Over 40,000 workers have been left without a future pay date, unsure how they will be able to afford rent, bills or groceries.