THE announcement of UK-wide lockdown with orders to stay indoors has raised the question of what to do if your MOT is about to expire. 

The Government advice is to stay home and avoid all but essential travel, but for many key workers who rely on their vehicles to get to work, it is still a legal requirement to have a valid and in-date MOT.

UPDATE: British vehicles will be granted a six-month exemption. Read more here.

Currently, MOT centres are remaining open, however, MOT tests for buses, HGVs and trailers have been suspended, leading to worries that it may stop for cars too. 

A spokesperson for the DVSA, which is responsible for MOT testing in the UK, stated: “The Department for Transport is urgently looking at MOT testing for cars, motorcycles and light vans in light of the current situation and will provide an update shortly.

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"Annual tests for lorries, buses and trailers have already been suspended for up to three months.”

The DVSA warned that people must not leave their house for non-essential reasons and that it will provide an update shortly.

Garages are considered an essential service under the Government's guidelines, with MOT stations likely to stay open. 

People should be considerate of the workers at the garage and call ahead to check availability and be aware of additional measures they must take to ensure their staff safety.

What if MOTs do get cancelled?

If MOTs do get cancelled, then they may follow a similar system to what is in place for large vehicles and trailers. 

With the suspension of HGV testing, the DVSA has implemented a certificate of exemption valid for three months – with the DVSA emphasising that the vehicles must still be roadworthy.

It will amend digital records to allow vehicles to continue to operate. 

This approach may be applied to cars, vans and bikes if a decision to cancel testing goes ahead. 

If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or are in self-isolation, you must not leave your house to get your vehicle tested.