The Repair Shop (BBC1, 8pm)

IN this popular restoration show, hosted by Jay Blades, owners bring in treasured heirlooms or other collectibles that are damaged or in need of a little TLC; restoration experts bring the items back to life. Tonight, audio expert Mark Stuckey restores a jukebox that holds memories of the owner’s late wife, two sisters wheel in a 1960s bike that has travelled all over the world but is now covered in rust and a woman brings in the compass from the lifeboat that saved the lives of her grandparents, father and uncles back in 1939. Meanwhile, horologist Steve Fletcher works on a 400-year-old wall clock – the oldest item ever brought into the Repair Shop.

Kate & Koji (STV, 8pm)

SIX-PART series following Kate, a working-class woman who runs an old-fashioned cafe in a seaside town, as she develops a strong, if sometimes volatile, friendship with an asylum-seeking African doctor, Koji. With Kate and Koji’s undercover clinic in full swing, the last thing they need is a visit from Dr Radwan. Medium keeps Koji calm, and Kate cooks up a surefire way to get back at an adversary.

The Trouble with Maggie Cole (STV, 9pm)

MAGGIE is horrified that her comments about Roxanna have been interpreted by her Polish father Emil as racist, and she is relieved when they understand what she actually did say. Peter has to contend with a campaign for his resignation, as journalists try to dig up his past. Money lenders Patrick and Phil put pressure on Alex to repay his debts, and Marcus and Jill’s relationship blossoms at the planning meeting for the village celebrations.

Casualty 24/7 (C5, 9pm)

SOME of the nursing staff have been promoted and junior doctors have joined. As a new shift begins, consultant Sue Mason and sister Benita Wainwright prepare resus for a 56-year-old patient who has been found unconscious. The trouble is, they cannot track down his family and without them it’s difficult to work out what is wrong.