BUCKFAST tonic wine production has come to a halt as the UK locks down to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Though made in the south of England, one of Buckfast's greatest markets for many years has been north of the border in Scotland.

With its high caffeine and sugar content, the drink has found itself a favourite across the nation.

However, as of today, Buckfast production will be coming to a stop as its distribution network is freed up to help deliver essential commodities instead.

In a statement on Twitter, the official account for Buckfast stated: "Given the unprecedented Covid-19 situation, we wanted to take time to update you on our position. With immediate effect our offices and production lines will temporarily close. This decision was not taken lightly, however we must act on the Governments advice.

"Our safety and wellbeing of our employees, and the wider community is of the utmost importance. We must play our part in helping to protect our NHS by asking our employees to stay at home.

"With the temporary closure, our distribution network will be freed up to play its part in delivering vital essential commodities across the United Kingdom at this time. Our production will commence as soon as we can. Thank you for your understanding."

The news comes just over a month ahead of World Buckfast Day on May 9th.