THE number of deaths in Scotland as a result of coronavirus has risen by 2 to 16.

The total number of confirmed cases also sits at 584, though Health Secretary Jeane Freeman says the true figures are probably closer to 2,500.

Nicola Sturgeon confirmed the latest numbers while updating the Scottish Parliament today.

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Speaking afterwards, Health Secretary Jeane Freeman said plans already announced to double the number of intensive care bed had been increased, with the target upped to more than 700.

She added: "A pipeline of ventilators is slated to come to Scotland over the coming weeks to enable this increase and we are working with suppliers to do all we can so that they can be brought here as soon as is humanly possible."

The Health Secretary also stressed it is "critical" to protect those at the highest risk from infection – who have already been asked to self-isolate for the next 12 weeks.

They will receive a "package of support" co-ordinated by newly established humanitarian assistance centres, which will offer deliveries of medication and food, along with help managing medical conditions.

Freeman told the chamber there will be a "new national contract" put in place to facilitate food deliveries but it is unclear what this entails.