THE UK Government is intent on rejecting calls to introduce a universal basic income in response to the coronavirus crisis.

Last week, Boris Johnson had indicated the policy was being considered after he was pressed by Ian Blackford and others in the Commons.

Supporters of the move have suggested the level of income should be about £1000 per person per month and that the sum would be available to everyone during the pandemic.

The SNP Westminster leader had urged the Prime Minister to implement an “emergency universal income” scheme to help protect people who have been plunged into financial crisis as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.

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But the Chancellor has now said the UK Government "is not in favour" of such a scheme.

Blackford, who had called for an urgent meeting with Rishi Sunak to discuss implementing support for the self-employed, unemployed and those in need of social security payments, urged the Chancellor to respond.

He tweeted: “A basic income scheme, amongst other things, would assist the self employed, many who have seen their income collapse and have bills to pay. There is a sense of urgency that the Govt has to respond to. I wrote to @RishiSunak on Saturday to ask to meet with him to discuss.”

The comments come after Scotland’s finance and economy secretaries this morning urged Downing Street to extend its emergency job retention scheme to the self-employed.

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They are also demanding wider access to statutory sick pay and a relaxing of means testing for Universal Credit.

Probed last week in the Commons about universal basic income, the Prime Minister agreed to hold talks with supporters of the scheme, adding: “I agree profoundly with what he said about not repeating history.

“It is very important that as we ask the public to do the right thing for themselves and everybody else that no-one – whatever their income – should be penalised for doing the right thing, and we will make sure that that is the case.”