A VIRAL video of Edinburgh residents belting out Sunshine On Leith from their homes has lifted spirits at a time of strife in Scotland.

In a video posted online by Aleksandra Murray, a block of flats have come together to sing The Proclaimer's classic song in tribute to the NHS staff combating the coronavirus pandemic.

Residents in Cables Wynd House, also known as the Leith Banana Flats, showed community spirit as the Scottish ballad was heard loud and clear while participants were social distancing.

Murray told The Independent that she and her husband were “overwhelmed” by the response to the video they posted on their restaurant’s Facebook page.

She said: “Our restaurant Borough is very much a part of the community and neighbourhood, and we’ve just had to close because of the measures so of course we were feeling quite sad about the situation.

“But we could hear the singing outside our flat and when we opened the window, it was so loud and so wonderful, it really made me feel emotional and a lot of other people felt the same way.

“We weren’t expecting the response we got when we posted it on social media, but I think it’s wonderful and it’s just what people need right now,” she added.

At the time of writing the video has been viewed over 468,000 times.