DR Catherine Calderwood, Scotland's chief medical officer, has revealed that coronaviurus is spreading faster in Scotland than had originally been anticipated.

The latest figures produced by the Scottish Government show a total of 416 positive tests in Scotland, up from 373 on Saturday. Additionally, the number of deaths has risen from seven to 10.

Calderwood said it had "become clear we were underestimating the doubling time of the virus, actually the number of cases was spreading more rapidly than the estimates which had come from China".

She said: "That means that each individual is infecting more people. So we had estimates of one person infecting two to three other people but they are actually infecting more people of that."

One person could actually be spreading he virus to four to six people, she said.

Calderwood added: "So that acceleration, that explosion of cases is likely to be accelerating more rapidly than we realised."

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She spoke after Sturgeon said: "Today we have also had to call on military help to transport a patient from one of Scotland's islands to the mainland for treatment. And this underlines the fact that no part of Scotland will not be affected by this virus.

"Unfortunately, no corner of Scotland is not at risk of seeing some of their residents die from it."

She added: "However, if we all do the right thing now we will reduce that impact and save lives.

"If we don't we face many more people than would otherwise be the case becoming ill and dying, and we risk our NHS being overwhelmed.

"I am not saying this to scare people, I am saying this to leave you in no doubt about the seriousness of the situation we face."