SNP MP Angus MacNeil has warned that people should not go on holiday to the Scottish Islands. 

In a stark warning on Twitter he showed images of the preparations for coronavirus on Barra, saying they weren't "far from third-world basic". 

He said it applies to all Scottish islands and added: "No ventilators, no much oxygen either, no testing. Islands such as this could be badly hit."

As of today, there have been seven deaths among 373 confirmed cases in Scotland. 

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Additional measures are being rolled out by both the Scottish and the UK Governments including the announcement that pubs, clubs and restaurants are to close. 

Additional movement to the Scottish islands could spell disaster as people might bring the virus. The healthcare facilities on the islands are not set up to handle a sudden spike in cases and so it is of utmost importance to reduce the number of cases where possible. 

Meanwhile, the Twitter account for the Isle of Raasay has reminded people that the islands are not "safe havens" to escape to.