SHORT films will be screened online for free today and tomorrow as part of a festival which had been due to start on March 18.

The Glasgow Short Film Festival (GSFF) had been set to open with My First Film, an interactive live cinema performance featuring filmmaker Zia Anger sending fragments of her story to the audience’s mobile phones.

Named last year as one of MovieMaker Magazine’s “top 25 coolest film festivals in the world”, GSFF is the largest competitive short film festival in the country and aims to present some of the best new films in Scotland alongside shorts from around the world.

Further highlights of GSFF’s 13th year included a tour through a digital, post-apocalyptic New York in Operation Jane Walk Live, a three-day strand of stories from Northern Ireland and a profile of eccentric electronic musician Felix Kubin.

Organisers are now working to ensure as much of the original programme as possible can be shown during its rescheduled dates of August 19 to 23.

In the meantime, selections from the festival have been making their online premiers, with two more being available from 8am today and a final two tomorrow morning.

Each film is a surprise until it goes live and though free to view for one day, each features details of how supporters can donate directly towards the costs of restaging the festival.

GSFF director Matt Lloyd says his team are grateful to everyone who supported the decision to postpone.

“Guests, partners, suppliers and audiences have been overwhelmingly generous and understanding, easing the pain of what has been a difficult few days, for us and many other organisations and individuals experiencing the same challenge.”