FROM soundings across the Yes movement, it is clear that people have taken the responsible attitude and cancelled or postponed virtually all public-facing campaigning for the foreseeable future.

In line with that feeling, the Yes DIY page will no longer be promoting individual events by groups that could involve even small gatherings. By all means tell us what your group is up to, but please don’t expect us to go against Government advice and the overwhelming attitude of the Yes movement.

To put it bluntly, the actual work of campaigning out on the street, as you might describe it, has to be temporarily suspended. By all means try switching to social media, but we know there is no substitute for campaigning face-to-face, and that activity has to cease just now.

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What we are going to do at The National is a unique experiment that only a newspaper like ours could do. Remember, too, that we are the only daily and Sunday newspapers that support independence, so you won’t read about the Yes movement anywhere else – which is why there are going to be a lot of Scots surprised at the ‘Yes’ outcome of the next independence referendum, not to mention a few political editors out of a job, we hope.

Over the next few weeks we will be asking Yes groups to tell us what they want to see in the next independence referendum campaign, and we’ll also be asking for your thoughts on the way ahead for Yes.

E-mail us on to take part.