ONE of the recurring themes of recent campaigns by Yes groups across the country is how best to show people who are not yet committed to the cause of independence why they should switch to Yes.

The Yes DIY pages – every Wednesday and Saturday – are the places to find the best practice within the movement, and there’s no doubt that groups have very diverse ways of reaching out to their local communities to ask people to vote Yes in the next independence referendum.

Sometimes just organising a public meeting and inviting people to come along and hear the case for independence is the best way to reach out to potential Yes voters.

One such event is Your Future in Your Hands, which is being organised by Yes Cumbernauld. The meeting is taking place on Monday in The Muirfield Community Centre, Brown Road, at 7pm. Robin McAlpine from Common Weal and “Glasgow Girl” Roza Salih are the guest speakers.

Yes Cumbernauld told The National: “Who should decide Scotland’s future is the question being asked at a public meeting in Cumbernauld next week.

“Organised by local pro-independence group Yes Cumbernauld, the meeting will debate the controversy around the possibility of a second independence referendum.

Group spokesperson Angela Caulfield commented: “Despite rejecting them, Scotland has again been landed with a Tory Government, a Tory Government that is now, with its typical arrogance, telling us that no matter what mandate there is for it, there will be no second independence referendum.

“Anyone who believes that democracy matters must be concerned about this and anyone who doesn’t want to see the prospects of another generation squandered by the Tories has to insist that they should have their say on Scotland’s future.

“This decision should be in our hands – not Boris Johnson’s.”

The group is hoping that people from all around the town will welcome the chance to discuss the issue and hear the breadth of views on Scotland’s right to self-determination.

Caulfield added: “We are aiming to provide a space for people to offer their opinions about what our shared future should be.

“We have two excellent speakers in Robin McAlpine from the Common Weal think tank and Roza Salih, who was one of the

‘Glasgow Girls’ who helped inspire their working-class community to make a stand against the government’s racist immigration and asylum laws.

“That seems particularly appropriate as we have a Tory Government that seems to want to pull the shutters down.”