AT The National's newsdesk we've been following the story of Nicola Sturgeon's press announcement very closely – as has the rest of Scotland, so it seems. 

The Unionists have been especially active in jumping on her case, with claims that she made her announcement before Boris Johnson in an attempt to undermine him or destabilise the UK. This, of course, is all rubbish and we've already covered the cross-party support she's received.

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Here are some of the worst tweets we've found so far (wash your hands now because your face will sit in your palms for the rest of the day):


Piers Morgan put the issue on our radar

I'm inclined to say we have a leader doing her job Piers ... I think that's what's going on.


Top Secret aye?

We are keen to know what the secret service is holding back 🙄


Why didn't Boris address the UK sooner?

Or maybe Johnson needs to be quicker on the ball ...


It's a real shame that Scots were informed about public information

Click back through any news website (especially us) and you'll find that coronavirus was already in our attention.


Is she just chasing her ego?

Who knew, really awful work from the FM, the people of Scotland clearly DESERVE to find out about coronavirus later than the rUK.


Well played ... but no

At least this one was sort of clever, but if we look at what the Tories promised in the past, it's a far deeper rabbit hole of deceit!


So much sense

It would make a lot of sense for a Unionist to say this.


It's a shame people think she needs this to be relevant

Especially since she is such a high-profile leader!


The cult of Piers Morgan chiming in!

Look's like cult has changed its definition ...


And what a grand job he's done

It begs the question why he wasn't live immediately


An ignorant and classless ned

She's certainly not a delinquent, and her education record proves a lot!


Wanting independence =/= racism mate

There's definitely a resentment to Scots who want better for their country, the easy argument is that they hate the English, the truth is that they are sick of the system, not the people.