MEDIA and political figures have reacted furiously on Twitter after Nicola Sturgeon gave a press briefing on what was discussed at an emergency Cobra meeting on coronavirus earlier today. 

Speaking at the briefing, the First Minister elaborated on the Scottish Government's plan to call off mass gatherings of more than 500 people and explained people who are showing the main symptoms of coronavirus (coughing and suffering a fever) should now self-isolate for seven days.

She announced that we have officially left the containment stage of tackling the Covid-19 outbreak and entered the delay phase.

The SNP leader also said school trips abroad should be cancelled or postponed.

The First Minister had always been due to give an update on what had been discussed at the event at 3pm, however this was pushed back as the UK Government's Cobra meeting was delayed. 

Online, many commentators were furious that the First Minister was updating on the meeting rather than the Prime Minister.

The Mail on Sunday's Dan Hodges accused Sturgeon of "playing stupid political games".

Hodges went on to accuse her of "deliberately undermining" the UK's attempt at a united front in its response to the outbreak. 

Meanwhile, Piers Morgan reacted furiously. He wrote: "Why am I watching Nicola Sturgeon reveal COBRA decisions before the British Prime Minister? What the hell is going on????" 

And City AM deputy editor Andy Silvester claimed her press conference was a "borderline coup d'etat".

Buzzfeed political editor Alex Wickham said the UK Government was scathing of the First Minister's move.

He said: "Govt figures scathing over Sturgeon preempting UK Cobra announcement — then announcing Scottish-only measures that she admits are not based on science Source: 'She is a total disgrace. This is a nationalist politician playing populist politics with a global crisis'"

Others were quick to defend the First Minister, with SNP MP Stewart McDonald replying to one post to say: "That is absolutely not what's happening."

He said: "She’s the First Minister of Scotland, not the Prime Minister’s understudy. When she is in a position to make a Scotland specific update as appropriate, she is doing so. Not everything is a political bun fight and Dan knows this. Watch the statement."

During her briefing, the First Minister was clear that the ban on mass gatherings was a Scotland-only policy and the Prime Minister would advise on other measures later.

National columnist Kirsty Strickland said those complaining about the press conference were "really showing their arses".

She posted: "All the male commentators who are furious that Nicola Sturgeon has the cheek to update citizens during a crisis and take questions from the press before Boris Johnson does are really showing their arses."