AT this stage, we're all pretty clued up on the Government's latest advice on taking care during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Wash your hands, avoid contact with others displaying symptoms, and self-isolate if you yourself become symptomatic or have recently returned from countries at the centre of the outbreak.

Instructions on how to thoroughly wash your hands are even doing the rounds to make sure we're aware.

So how come Boris Johnson doesn't seem to have received the memo?

The Prime Minister's office's official Twitter account has been releasing information on the virus in order to inform the UK public, but he himself has been spotted out and about ignoring his own Government's advice.

On a tour of a Bedfordshire laboratory, where scientists are working on quicker testing for the virus, Johnson gave a hand washing tutorial, complete with the two advised rounds of Happy Birthday.

Except the second round took on a bit of a faster tempo – and it doesn't look like the guidelines were followed very closely, either.

And of course, let's not forget last week's press conference, where the PM happily let us know that he was "at a hospital where I think there were actually a few coronavirus patients, and I shook hands with everybody, you'll be pleased to know, and I continue to shake hands".

Over in the US, CNBC on-air editor Rick Santelli was forced to apologise after he suggested everyone in the country should be given the coronavirus in order to lessen its economic impact. 

He told anchor Kelly Evans last Thursday: "Maybe we’d be just better off if we gave it to everybody, and then in a month it would be over because the mortality rate of this probably isn’t going to be any different if we did it that way than the long-term picture, but the difference is we’re wreaking havoc on global and domestic economies.”

By Friday morning, he apologised on air for his "stupid" and "insensitive" comments.

So should we be expecting something similar from Johnson, who went on national TV to state that we should just "take it on the chin" and let it move through the population?

With the news that MP Nadine Dorries has tested positive for Covid-19, perhaps he'll reconsider his stance.