The National:

THE BREXITEERS have had enough of experts - and so too has the BBC by the looks of it.

If the Jouker was looking for someone to comment on the Coronavirus outbreak in the UK, the Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage would be so low on our list as to be alongside anyone suggesting Covid-19 could be cured by rubbing two pieces of bread on your elbows.

And yet, guess who made an appearance on Newsnight to discuss the virus...

Neither a healthcare professional nor expert on virology, Farage bizarrely was still given the chance to spout off on the novel virus to thousands of viewers.

The man who once presided over a proudly anti-science political party is now here to tell you all about the ins-and-outs of disease control - despite his current party holding absolutely zero seats in the UK parliament.

The Jouker wonders what they need to do to get so much airtime with so little achivements under their belt...

Needless to say BBC viewers are as frustrated with the decision as ever, and have taken the BBC to task on social media.