TWO SNP activists have quit the party, citing the row over Gender Recognition Act as their reason for leaving.

Emma Cuthbertson, a transgender woman and former SNP women's officer announced she had left the party on Friday afternoon, just hours after LGBT activist Lee Martin also announced he was quitting.

The National's sister paper, The Herald, reported that Martin cited the toll of the growing row over proposed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act as reasons for handing in his membership card, while Cuthbertson announced she would also be stepping down from the LGBT Independence group Out for Indy (OFI).

She said: "I have today for health reasons resigned from OFI and the SNP". She thanked SNP MPs Angela Crawley and Mhairi Black, as well as SNP Equalities Convener Fiona Robertson "for all the support they offered me".

SNP MP for Livingston, Hannah Bardell, said Cuthbertson will "always have support from many in the SNP".

Martin also announced his decision on social media, stating that he had experienced PTSD from the abuse he had experienced. 

He said: " With a heavy heart, I have left the SNP

"The transphobia & homophobia is astounding from some. The abuse I get for just standing up for trans people has been triggering for my PTSD.

"I am fully committed to independence but that doesn't come at the expense of #EqualityForAll."

Anniesland SNP councillor Elspeth Kerr replied, stating she had also suffered abuse.

She wrote: " I am sorry you have left. I have taken a lot of abuse for supporting trans and non binary rights and supporting the GRA so people can simply be who they are.

"I am shocked and appalled by the transphobia that still exists and don't understand how people can't live and let live."

The SNP has been approached for comment.