THE SNP’s spring conference will last one a day this year prompting grassroots’ concerns the party is trying to limit discussion on indyref2. Members have been told the event in Aviemore will take place on 13 June with some greeting the news with dismay.

Cameron Archibald, secretary of SNP Bannockburn, tweeted: “The proposals for SNP conference are simply not good enough. Extortionate prices and long travel just for a single day? How are we supposed to have a proper discussion on resolutions? If conference is just to announce a new policy then announce it without a massive price tag?”

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Another activist told The National: “People are asking what is the point in going? If it starts at 10.30am and then there is an opening speech in the morning, there will be 45 minutes in the morning to pass any resolutions on new policy, then lunch another speech and again 45 minutes to pass any policy resolutions. So it will make it difficult to get any new policy proposals on the agenda.”

The source added: “People are waiting for leadership, and telling people to wait and see offers neither leadership nor direction.”

Despite the SNP’s electoral successes – which include winning 48 out of 59 Westminster seats at the December General Election – there has been some disquiet the First Minister is not being sufficiently proactive on a second independence referendum following Boris Johnson’s rejection of her request to transfer powers to Holyrood.

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Last month a BBC report considered tensions in the SNP, with one minister accusing colleagues of “stirring the pot”. Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf said a “couple” of the party’s MPs were “trying to disrupt” and doing the Yes movement “no good whatsoever”. The row was triggered by a Radio 4 report which quoted rebel SNP MP Angus MacNeil showing underwhelming support for the First Minister when asked about her prospects as leader.

He said: “I suppose that’s maybe a matter for events and Nicola Sturgeon – who knows?”

Responding, Yousaf wrote: “An absolute load of baloney. Independence at 50% – in some polls even higher –we have just won another election & support for the SNP miles ahead of opposition. The couple of MPs stirring the pot & trying to disrupt are doing themselves & the Independence cause no good whatsoever.”