SCOTLAND’S unionists are starting to have serious doubts about Boris Johnson’s commitment to keeping the United Kingdom united.

Little over a month ago, Number 10 had insisted that defending and promoting the Union would be “front and centre” of his new government. But already, the Tory Government’s Dunlop Review into “strengthening the Union” has been delayed and the Union Unit in Downing Street has been without any staff since last month.

On Tuesday, Johnson even forgot that he’d made himself Minister of the Union.

Scotland in Union has pleaded with the Tory chief for clarity.

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According to The Times, the Tory leader’s role – which he created and gave to himself last Summer – was not added to his government or parliament biographies.

It was only when the paper contacted No 10 that the website was updated.

There was also some confusion over the role of Tory MP Chloe Smith. Last month it was announced that she would be minister for the constitution, responsible for maintaining the “integrity of the Union,” but this now seems to be in doubt.

On the Cabinet Office website, the area marked responsibilities which is supposed to outline Smith’s role is blank.

Mhairi Black, the SNP’s Scotland Office spokeswoman, said: “It appears as though Boris Johnson could not keep the charade up for long after dropping his cynical rebrand as 'minister for the Union' from his title.

“Despite the bumbling efforts to hastily put the fake title back on the Government’s website, the reality is that the omission only confirms that Scotland is an afterthought for this right-wing Tory Government.

"Scotland’s voice and interests have been ignored and sidelined by Westminster, and it’s clear that the people of Scotland must have the choice of a better future as an independent country.”

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Pamela Nash, the chief executive of Scotland in Union, a campaign group, said: “Defending and building Scotland’s successful future in the UK must be a top priority for the Government, so clarification that a senior minister is responsible for this would be welcome.”

A spokeswoman for No 10 said: “The Prime Minister has made clear that his role is to be the minister for the Union.”