NEIL Findlay has accused Scottish Labour colleague Ian Murray of resorting to “desperate slurs” as a bitter spat unfolds on social media.

Left-wing MSP Findlay spoke out after he was alleged by Corbyn critic Murray of calling him a c***.

The row between the pair erupted last month when Findlay said his wife had given short shrift to one of Murray’s campaign team. The MP is currently running for Labour’s deputy leadership.

Findlay tweeted: “Got home and heard my wife being uncharacteristically none too polite to someone on the phone, I wondered who it was ... apparently it was a call from Ian Murray’s campaign company asking for her support – so as not to offend sensitivities I will not repeat what she said.”

Asked about the comments, Murray told the Daily Record: “If I was Neil Findlay’s wife, I’d be very, very angry he’s put something that’s not accurate in the public domain.”

Labour’s last MP in Scotland then claimed that the last time they spoke, Findlay had branded him a c***.

The MSP denied the allegation. “I can categorically say that is not true, and indeed I wonder why Mr Murray is making up such nonsense,” he said.

And yet the argument has now escalated on social media.

Findlay tweeted: “It is pathetic that because @IanMurrayMP looks like he will be last in the Labour Deputy Leadership election he resorts to desperate slurs and made up stories about those he disagrees with – #spatthedummyout.”