THE leader of the House of Commons has advised the UK public to wash their hands to God Save the Queen as a way to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Asked about the outbreak by reporters, Jacob Rees Mogg said his best advice would be "wash your hands to the national anthem".

Official advice is to wash hands for about 20 seconds, and people recommend singing Happy Birthday twice to time it.

Scotland's first coronavirus case was confirmed last night in the Tayside area, while there have been 40 across the UK as a whole. 

Further cases are expected to be diagnosed, with the First Minister saying Scotland is prepared for a "significant" outbreak. 

Expert advice is to increase your hand washing - ensuring you're doing it properly - and to try to touch your face less. 

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Yesterday, the Health Secretary for England and Wales, Matt Hancock, suggested singing God Save the Queen as you wash your hands to ensure they are sufficiently clean.

Speaking to Radio 5 Live he explained how to wash hands properly, adding: "You should do that for 20 seconds or more, and the way we explain it to children is that you should sing … wash your hands as long as you’re singing either Happy Birthday or God Save The Queen."