MORE feedback has come from Inchkeith branch of the SNP who facilitated a debate on “Independence the Way Forward” attended by 50 people from the party and Yes Kirkcaldy.

George Kay of the branch told The National: “The following is the conclusion agreed at the debate – it was felt that the present position by the SNP leadership in the drive to securing a second independence referendum needs to be bolder and have a strategy which is clear both to the UK Government and to all supporters of independence.

“It was felt the present policy of pressurising the UK Government to grant a section 30 order must have a finite time limit. We therefore felt if no such order is obtained by April 30, the Scottish Government should look to taking the initiative away from the UK Government and bring forward a Consultative Referendum in October 2020.

“The purpose of this referendum would be to give the lie to the UK Government’s assertion that there is no mandate for a second independence referendum. Assuming that the consultative referendum shows such a mandate does exist then negotiations should be opened again with the UK Government to seek an agreed independence referendum within a six month timeframe.

"Should the UK Government choose to ignore the mandate of the Scottish people then the Scottish Government should embark on a legal route through the courts to obtain that referendum.”

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