SCOTTISH LibDem leader Willie Rennie failed to win any political points over this morning's Heathrow ruling at FMQs this afternoon.

This morning the Court of Appeal found plans to establish a third runway at Heathrow Airport illegal due to concerns over the UK Government's Paris Agreement climate commitments.

Rennie challenged Nicola Sturgeon over what he perceived as her government's support for a third runway at the transport hub, and was critical of the SNP's approach to the climate crisis - but the First Minister was quick to correct Rennie.

After the first question on the runway, she replied: "I actually think Willie Rennie mischaracterises my answers to him. The decision whether or not there is a third runway at Heathrow is not one for me or for my government. In fact, I think I pointed out to him that the last time this came to a vote in the House of Commons, SNP MPs did not vote in favour of that."

The SNP leader also explained how her government has committed to its climate change ambitions, adding: "I hope that is clear to Willie Rennie. I’m not sure how I can make my position any clearer."

Rennie smiled as he replied: "I’m afraid all that waffle won’t tackle climate change."

The Scottish LibDem boss then challenged the SNP's lack of climate assessment into the impact of a third Heathrow runway - despite the transport hub being a matter for Westminster, not the devolved government.

He continued: "The First Minister told us not to worry as the Tories were taking care of the environmental side of things. That looks pretty stupid today. So will the First Minister confirm that she is finally ripping up her agreement in support of Heathrow expansion?"

Sturgeon looked frustrated as she again stressed Heathrow was in England and not her responsibility. 

She continued: "I don’t know how to make this clearer to Willie Rennie that the decision on Heathrow expansion is not for the Scottish Government … it is not within our power or areas of responsibility.

"What we did say was that if that was going ahead, and I would hope Willie Rennie would understand this, then any economic benefit of that should not miss out Scotland."

LibDem MSP Mike Rumbles then heckled the First Minister while she was discussing her climate change action plan, calling for "action, not words".

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She responded: "Well the climate change action plan is all about actions to meet our world-leading targets. And it’s actually what this parliament demanded we do.

"So can I suggest Willie Rennie instead of calling for things which are outwith the powers of this government, actually puts a shoulder to the wheel and looks at the actions this government and this parliament and this country has to take because that’s exactly what my government is doing."

Her comments received cheers from the Chamber.