THE Tories will dominate Westminster's only committee dedicated to Scotland under plans published today.

Boris Johnson's party lost more than half of its Scottish MPs in December's snap General Election as the SNP won 47 of the country's seats.

The change took the Tories from 13 to six as the SNP rose from 35, with suspended candidate Neale Hanvey also elected on a pro-independence ticket.

But today official papers reveal the Conservatives plan to give themselves more places on the Scottish Affairs Committee, an 11-member body set up to scrutinise the activities of the Scotland Office and assess policies and legislation that have a direct impact on Scotland.

The SNP had their membership reduced after their seat share fell in 2017.

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But rather than drop back in light of their result, the Tories – who had four places before the election – aim to increase their membership to five, with the SNP on three members – one more than Labour, who only have one Scottish MP.

The LibDems, who have four Scottish MPs, will have one member on the panel – if the change is agreed when it comes to the Commons on Monday.

The potential new appointments include Wendy Chamberlain, who won for the LibDems in North East Fife.

They also include several politicians from constituencies in England, like Tories Alberto Costa and Sally-Ann Hart, who represent South Leicester and Hastings and Rye respectively.

Labour's new figures are Jon Cruddas of Dagenham and Rainham and Liz Twist of Blaydon.

Perth and North Perthshire MP Pete Wishart, the committee's long-serving chair, tweeted about the move, saying: "With 80% of Scots MPs the SNP have 3 of the 11 members. Having lost over half of their Scots MPs the Tories go up from 4 to 5. Lab have 2 and the Libs 1. 4 members represent English constituencies. Certainly not levelling up Scots representation".