TORY MSP Annie Wells was left frustrated after Nicola Sturgeon announced the Scottish Government's plan to provide more money than was requested.

Wells called for £15.4 million from the Scottish Government to help solve the drugs public health crisis – but Sturgeon outlined the updated Budget proposal which dedicates £20m to the issue.

The FM also said she is "very, very serious" about the issue and committed to working with "anybody and everybody to tackle what is a public health emergency".

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Quizzing Sturgeon at FMQs, Wells said: “Annemarie Ward of drug death action group Favor UK said this about yesterday’s drug summit: ‘It was nothing more than a party political broadcast by the SNP and no-one in the Scottish Government is willing to take responsibility for what’s under their control’.

“She’s asking why this Government keeps blaming Westminster when it has the powers to fund rehab beds now. Will the First Minister put politics aside and back cross-party calls for £15.4m to residential rehab."

The National:

Sturgeon responded, saying that Annie Wells's question does everybody at the summit "a real disservice".

She said: "On funding, the draft Budget that was published a few weeks ago included an increase in funding for reducing harms related to drugs. It increased funding by £12.7m.

"I can confirm today that the finance secretary will confirm this afternoon that we intend to go further than that.

"Instead of an additional £12.7m, there will be an additional £20m pounds of funding from health dedicated to reducing harms from drugs, and that will support the recommendations that the task force brings forward. 

"So we are very, very serious about this and we are serious in working with anybody and everybody to tackle what is a public health emergency. 

"But on the issue of UK Government action, we absolutely recognise the responsibility in us and the range of actions that we are taking and the funding that we are dedicating to this shows that.

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"But it is the case that there was a lot of consensus yesterday, that law changes are needed as well including around a safe consumption room and that does lie with the UK Government.

"So I absolutely take my responsibility, I just wish we had a similar approach from the UK Government so that we could genuinely put party politics aside on this and work together in the interest of those who need us to do exactly that."