The National:


So goes the latest bizarre and desperate letter from Tory MSP Annie Wells, begging for Scots to join her party ahead of the Holyrood 2021 election.

The letter from the Glasgow MSP is full of the usual platitudes, but let's dig in and go for a wee ride together.

We open on a call to everyone who wants to "take Scotland back from the SNP" who, let's remember, were democratically elected.

The party who have ran on a platform of "No to Indyref" for the past countless elections now wants to reach out to voters who are "fed up of talking about referendums and flags".

Wells might want to remove the beam from her own eye before taking a stab at the speck in the eye of the electorate.

She continues: "I know you're angry that the SNP keep winning elections" and that "Nicola Sturgeon gets her way too often".

It seems more like you're angry at voters for not backing your pro-austerity rah rah politics more than anything, but ok...

"I stood for election so I could help people."

Then maybe you shouldn't have picked the party that invented the rape clause.

Eventually, Wells has a brief moment of anger at nationalism, presumably while wrapped in a Union Flag provided by Boris Johnson himself.

Finally, she reminds readers that in December's General Election, she "asked you to lend us your vote" - though she doesn't mention that the Scottish Tories lost 7 seats in the election.

For a party that claims the SNP are always pointing the finger, the Scottish Tories really do seem to act like it's not their fault no-one wants to vote for them.