NICOLA STURGEON has hit out the Scottish Tories for staying silent over Westminster's new immigration proposals. 

It emerged in The Times on Wednesday night that the party are privately “livid” about Boris Johnson’s new proposals which effectively closing UK borders to to all non-skilled workers and all migrants will have to speak English.

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At First Minister's Questions on Wednesday, SNP MP Richard Lyle asked Sturgeon about "widespread criticism" of the UK Government's new immigration proposals and asked the response to a Scottish visa.

The FM said the UK Government has dismissed the Scottish proposals.

She described the new plans for the Westminster immigration system as "shocking and shameful" and "the biggest risk" to Scotland's economy.

She added: "I read in the newspapers this morning the Scottish Tories are livid about these proposals. So they should be but rather than quietly livid, shouldn't the Scottish Tories be standing up for Scotland and doing something about it?"