A NEW muivement has been gaitherin interest an gettin fowk spikkin. Social media is fu o discussions aboot fit why fowk are for or agin the idea o weemin the day rejectin modern feminism an believin that it is preventin weemin fae achievin true happiness. Them fa belang tae the muivement mentain the view that for aa females tae be happy an content wi their lives, they maun fully embrace their femininity an domestic submission. Trad wives are takin ower.

Ae quine vyced her opinion online that feminists shoud be in favour o weemin decidin fit it is that they want tae dae wi their lives, even if they div jist want tae bide at hame tae clean an cook maet aa day.

Naebody is sayin that ye absolutely cannae be a bide-at-hame mam if ye want tae be. If ye can afford it, then guid for you! But, sae mony fowk jist hinna got the siller tae be able tae dae it, even if they wantit tae.

The problem wi wantin tae live like it is 1950 is that it isnae 1950. Back then, tae buy a new hame in Scotland ye wad pey jist unner £2000 on average. In the siller o the day, that warks oot at jist shy o £60,000. Nooadays, the average price o a hoose in Scotland is ower £150,000. Aye, wages hiv gaen up, but nae enough tae assyth for the rise in hoose prices.

Mair an mair young fowk are chavvin jist tae get on tae the property ledder even fan they are cohabitatin, let alain fan there is anely ae earner tryin tae afford tae pey for the hame. Sae, the issue wi the trad wife muivement isnae entirely doon tae fit they are daein, but the fact that them fa are pairt o it are portrayin themsels as minorities fa are hard dane bi. Fan, in reality, they are jist mair privileged than maist, an are uisin the trad wife muivement tae rub that fact in the nebs o them fa cannae afford nae tae wark.

The muivement isnae jist snidey an clessist, but it promuives ootdatit patriarchal ideals an aa. Ivery day, weemin in Scotland an elsewhaur hiv tae fecht the sair fecht agin gender stereotypes sic as the belief that a quine belangs in the kitchen, an that we maun bide at hame aa day ivery day tae mak sure that oor hames are in a state fit for a prince.

Of coorse, mony o us dinnae hae lads or husbands fa’s airses we hiv tae run aifter. Mony weemin hiv tae wark an keep a hoose, aa on their ain. An maist weemin fa dae this dinnae need tae be telt foo unlike trad wives fa rely on clesses an coorses fae the likes o the Darling Academy tae keep them richt. Thou, it is mair than a wee bittie hypocritical that them fa sell beuks an tickets for clesses aboot bein a trad wife are profitin fae chairgin ither quines tae tell them foo tae promuive the idea o weemin nae makin their ain siller.

Quines fa choose nae tae be bide-at-hame wives hiv got tae deal wi enough sexism in the warkplace athoot mair bein stirred up bi ither quines fa think it is wrang for weemin tae wark.

If ither weemin are openly pushin the idea that we shoudnae be warkin, foo can we expect tae be tane seriously in a place o wark, or tae earn an equal pey? Mony trad wives hiv said that the reason fit wye they decidit tae live a life o domestic submission was that they had tae wark ower lang oors an were stressed acause o it. But, they seem tae nae hae tane intae acoont the possibility that it is the capitalist system that we bide in that is wrang, raither than their faimly dynamics.

Mebbe, instead o privileged weemin gien up wark aathegither, we shoud follae in the fitsteps o Denmark, far the average warkin wik is aboot five oors less than in the United Kingdom. Then, men an weemin coud dedicate a thochtie mair time tae the mair important hings, sic as faimly an hobbies.

Then ye hae the single mithers. 92% o single parents in Scotland are weemin, an twa-thirds o single parents are in wark. Therefore, there is still ae third fa dinnae wark.

An it is mair than likely that mony o them wad like naethin mair than tae be able tae gaung awa oot an mak eneuch tae put maet on the table an claes on their bairns’ backs.

Sae, it maks ma particularly fumin that quines can gaung aboot sayin that submission tae a man is the anely wey tae happiness acause Ah cam fae a faimly o weemin fa had nae option but tae mak hings wark on their ain.

At the end o the day, nae hauf o a pairtnership is better or mair important than the ither, regardless o fit gender they are. Nor daes either person in a relationship hae mair o a richt tae spend their life daein fit they want tae dae than the ither.

Cohabitation shoud be based cooperation. An, if a couple daes decide tae bring up bairns thegither, it shoud be a balanced an equal experience. Thou, as previous statistics suggest, that isnae ayeweys the case due tae sae mony faithers bein absent.

As weel as teachin futur generations aboot the importance o equality, we maun be fechtin agin warkplace sexism an the gender pey gap, nae encouragin it. An, that is exactly fit them fa belang tae the trad wife muivement are daein.

Seventy per cent o Scots weemin wark, either acause they hae tae, or acause they want tae. Mair weemin than iver are in wark in Scotland.

An nae ither quine or group o quines shoud be tellin them that they are wrang. Whether it be at wark, at hame, or in the faimly dynamic, weemin an men hiv tae be treated as equals.