I HAVE been doing some puzzled thinking over the last few weeks about a televised remark made by Boris Johnson referencing “Scotland’s amazing natural resources”. This is the first time that I can recollect any prominent Westminster politician make such an admission of recognition of them.

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Was it a well-wishing “happy for you” congratulatory blessing? I feel fairly confident, given the nature and record of Mr Johnson, that it was not. Was it a calculated portent that he was coming for it; that he was just going to continue as a tea leaf of our stuff? No, I think that would be outweighed by the implicit acknowledgement that Scotland had a powerful negotiating position – and this would have been the antithesis of the dismissive Unionist tactics to date.

So, my conclusion is that it was an unguarded utterance of proprietary delight at the good fortune of the United Kingdom aka England. He is so arrogant, vain and entitled that he feels he doesn’t even need to “keep in with” the nation that has first call on the resources.

Victor Moncrieff