The National:

WHAT an exciting time for the Scottish Tories. Sure they've just lost seven MPs and the leader of the UK party is widely disliked here. But they've a new boss in Holyrood after months of uncertainty and with the Scottish Parliament election set for 2021, a whole year to turn things around. 

It's a good job their new leader can earn the same appeal and media attention as Ruth Davidson, who helped the party take over Labour to become the second largest in Holyrood - right? 

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Wrong. As it turns out, Jackson Carlaw might not be quite so capable of charming the press and worming his way into the public consciousness and his predecessor. 

Phantom Power posted a clip showing members of the public utterly stumped when asked to identify the new Scottish Tory leader from a photograph. 

On a Scottish street, the reporter stops a young man and asks: "Do you know who this is?

After taking one look, the man says: "Eh, nah."

A woman is then asked to identify the man in the photograph. She replies: "Well he looks like that comedian, naw? Is it Jim Davidson?"

For the man who yesterday proclaimed he wants to become the next first minister of Scotland, this doesn't look too good ...