THE new Scottish Tory leader wrote a blog after the 2014 independence referendum taking aim at a number of politicians, publications and high-profile figures, The National can reveal.

Brian Taylor, Ed Miliband and Andy Murray all received criticism, while then deputy first minister Nicola Sturgeon actually won praise from Jackson Carlaw.

The newly elected leader's post, who was the party's deputy at the time, was published on September 25, 2014 but later deleted. It was uncovered using the UK Web Archive.

In the blog, Carlaw compiled a list of the independence referendum's winners and losers in three categories - politicians, the media and campaigners. 

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Unsurprisingly, he heaped praise on the likes of then Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson, but he also wrote positively of Labour figures like Kezia Dugdale, Jim Murphy, Gordon Brown and Blair McDougall. 

The MSP even dished out compliments to pro-independence figures, including the Scottish Greens' co-leader Patrick Harvie and the SNP's Sturgeon. 

On Sturgeon, he wrote: "Nicola has become a brand. Clearly relishing confrontational campaigning, she never allowed herself to be found on the back foot. Regularly out-performing her boss Alex Salmond, much of the credit for the political energy in the Yes campaign must go to her.

"Her talents matched the needs of the campaign. It is les [sic] certain if they will match the demands of being First Minister."

And on Harvie, Carlaw's post reads: "Never in his wildest dreams could Patrick have anticipated the level of personal exposure provided by this referendum campaign.

"With media organisations desperate to augment SNP spokesmen for Yes with those from elsewhere, Patrick proved to be the performer of choice.

"Often at odds with much of the SNP agenda for an independent Scotland, he nonetheless argued consistently for the Green position."

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However Carlaw, who aims to be Scotland's next first minister, was less kind towards those who he deemed to be the "losers" of the 2014 indyref.

Addressing Martin Compston, Elaine C Smith and Brian Cox - who all came out for Yes ahead of the vote - Carlaw wrote: "Why Yes Scotland thought deploying these three a good idea will forever be a key mystery of the campaign. While Compston looked pretty enough on camera, his every contribution amounted to nothing more than a recitation of the daily campaign slogans (shame, he’s quite good in Between the Lines).

"Smith said on TV that ‘it was our intellect that got us here’ having demonstrated repeatedly with her third-rate ‘pantomime dame’ series of gallery playing, performances that she is not much troubled by her intellect.

"Cox spoke mainly of a Utopian socialism. His was the more coherent contribution of the three but it was almost too broad in its sweep to speak to the arguments being discussed. Great radio voice though."

And despite having been impressed with certain Scottish Labour figures, Carlaw claimed "no Labour leader in UK history could have performed worse" than Miliband. 

Referencing tennis star Murray's decision to come out for Yes, which the sportsman himself has since said he does not regret, Carlaw wrote: "A sportsman and a businessman who would have been better staying shtoom. Whatever his opinion, Yes or No, Murray was surely right in his earlier judgement that there was nothing to be gained by intervening."

Adding to his list of media "losers", the newly elected Scottish Tory boss took aim at BBC Scotland political editor Brian Taylor and the broadcaster's reporter Glenn Campbell.

The blog post reads: "Campbell floundered throughout and surely must be by-passed for the job about to be vacated by Taylor? And what of Brian? Sadly, he seemed so determined to sit on the fence even when it was blindingly obvious one side or the other had enjoyed a belter of the day that he left viewers looking elsewhere for commentary.

"A whimper of a performance as his career draws to an end. Lovely man though and a towering presence for a generation."

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His attack on the BBC didn't stop there - classing Scotland Tonight as a "winner" of the referendum, he claimed the programme had "walked all over the BBC, again".

The MSP went on to accuse The Sun of "embarrassing fence sitting" over its lack of outright stance on Scottish independence, claimed Business for Scotland was "something of a joke" and even attacked polling expert John Curtice, writing: "Has this man ever said anything other than the bleeding obvious?"

Carlaw and the Scottish Conservatives declined to comment.