TORY MP Tom Tugendhat was quick to try and point out the Queensferry Crossing's flaws on Question Time last night – but still managed to call it by the wrong name twice.

Tugendhat instead settled on "Queensferry Bridge" as he threw criticism towards it being closed due to severe weather.

Despite making the effort to travel all the way up to Dundee to appear on the show, the MP for Tonbridge and Malling didn't seem to adequately prepare himself to discuss the logistics behind the closure – or indeed learn his lines.

Fellow panellist Joanna Cherry also caught Tugendhat out on his claims, pointing out that the new bridge remained opened on 30 occasions where the previous bridge used to close.

He even tried to take a swing at the SNP for the supposed failure, meanwhile forgetting that Scottish Tory leader Jackson Carlaw was part of the committee which chose the Queensferry Crossing's supposedly poor design.

Carlaw himself, of course, also forgot this nugget of information. He made an attempt earlier in the week to make political capital on the closure, tweeting: "The continued closure of the Queensferry Crossing is a damning indictment of this government. Whilst Nicola Sturgeon is swanning about in Brussels, Scots commuters are stuck without vital infrastructure."


The bridge was closed unexpectedly earlier this week after eight cars were damaged due to falling ice. 

With the coincidental timing of Storm Ciara, some were misinformed as to why it had shut, believing it to be a result of the high winds. 

One such individual was LibDem Alex Cole-Hamilton, who was left red-faced after a Twitter gaffe (Twitter was a gold mine for bridge gaffes this week) saw him being called out:

At least he got the name right.